I got a free VPS from haphost.com, its an small 128MB RAM 10GB storage slice, I had it running CentOS 6.5 for testing since August 2014 until December 2014. It was sitting there doing nothing but host my always running irssi session and in a moment of boredom I thought, Heck! lets build another tilde server

The goals are simple, provide shell accounts with a public web space, email, gopher space, net news, irc server and uucp. I will try to stick to old school protocols with some new stuff, like having nginx instead of apache serving the web pages. I am thinking about adding Asterisk and XMMP servers to the mix, whatever that allows me some practice running stuff I usually do not.

Operating system choices are not that wide in haphost, since this is about experimenting I went with Debian 7, a distro I usually do not run. I will avoid a step-by-step-how-to style post, maybe I will write something in Mi Kiwi about setting up and running a tilde.club style server, but not today.

At this time the server has been runing two days and has running nginx, sendmail, inn2 for the news, charybdis irc server, asterisk and ejabberd. I have not secured everything yet, since I got a subdomain in the mrunix.org TLD I will not be able to get a free SSL certificate from StartSSL my only choice is self-signed certificates, ejabberd in debian generates and installs one of these self-signed certificates, but all other services are not secured yet, that will be done in the next iteration of the server setup so I can start giving away accounts the next week maybe.