valkiria my Slackware64 14.1 laptop is showing age, almost in the asylum. The keyboard is not working since almost one year, a couple of external attached keyboards have passed. I have plans to modify it with Libreboot since its a Lenovo X200 compatible laptop. But it won’t be until I get either a desktop PC, laptop or fix my home server power supply.

owncloud and VirtualBox have been crashing with Bus error, in VirtualBox case I uninstalled the Slackbuild package and installed the vanilla binaries from ( Right now I am finishing a Windows 8.1 install in order to run some Sony companinon pc tools so I can root my Xperia E1 phone. While I am at it, I should also see if it can be done in Linux

owncloud however refuses to build, exiting with /usr/lib64/qt/lib/ could not read symbols: Input/output error