• Ten years of a great learning experience

    In 2003 I started seriously playing with the GNU/Linux operating system, it was a matter of months to make the switch from Windows XP to almost running Slackware 9.1 only. That choice was a good one, it brought along a learning tidal that I’ve been enjoying since then.

  • A learning exercise with python

    I was reading Python’s documentation in order to start working on an app for a friend of mine, Python fits well in that project because the list data type it supports. While reading about lists and sets in specific I thought these Python features could serve as the basis for a DBMS development exercise, and it is how it all began.

  • Coding in C# for (almost) any device out there

    I was listening to an interview with Miguel de Icaza who was talking about Mono and Xamarin, his new IDE for .Net development which isn’t targeted at competing with Visual Studio, but to fill the void for developing .net applications in MacOS.

  • Año nuevo, time to rethink strategies

    I’m not the kind of guy who makes new year’s commitments but begining of the calendar cycle is always a good time to look back and analyze what I’ve done and measure the achivements. But its not enough to watch, one must take action and do adjustments here and there as a result of our own review.

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