• Mr Unix the new kid in tildeverse

    I got a free VPS from haphost.com, its an small 128MB RAM 10GB storage slice, I had it running CentOS 6.5 for testing since August 2014 until December 2014. It was sitting there doing nothing but host my always running irssi session and in a moment of boredom I thought, Heck! lets build another tilde server

  • GNU Guix Hackathon-09-2014

    In the weekend of September 27th & 28th and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of GNU an on line hackathon of GNU Guix was held. Although I didn’t officially joined, I took the chance to try Guix for the first time.

  • SlackwareARM in Cubieboard2

    From early this year I’ve been playing with an Allwiner SoC, the Cubieboard2 is a System on a Chip with 1GHz dual core CPU, 1GB RAM, 4GB NAND, 1 100MB Ethernet port, MicroSD card slot and a bunch of other niceties, expansion ports and what not. It comes preloaded with Android Jelly Bean, but there are several GNU/Linux flavors available.

  • Surveillance, people and power

    I just twitted about “The Day We Fight Back” a movement sponsored for some organizations like the Free Software Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, among other tech-related bodies and associations. Put aside the time (a decade at least) being known for my support to the free software and also open source software, which prompted me to start typing this post is the kind of job I’m doing nowadays.

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